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MS251 - Tamworth Small Engines

MS251 Wood Boss Chain saw

Perfect for work on smaller farms or larger properties, clearing larger fallen trees and cutting bulk firewood.


  • Categories: Chainsaw, Stihl
  • User Type: Landowner
  • Features:

    Compact chainsaw with up to 20% lower fuel consumption and up to 70% reduction in exhaust emissions compared with a Stihl 2 Stroke engine of the same power output without the 2-MIX technology. High cutting performance and excellent ease of use. Ideal for sawing tasks in the garden or elsewhere.


    Also available with Easy2Start as a MS251c

  • Engine: 45.6cc
  • Power: 2.2kw
  • Weight: 4.8kg
  • Bar Length: 18"
  • Price: $799

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