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Generator Service Tips - Honda Generators - Tamworth Small Engines

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Generator Service Tips

Honda Generators rarely if ever break down.

Most issues are with fuel.

Water in the fuel is the most common fault. It comes from your fuel tin.

It comes from condensation and is attracted by the ethanol content in most unleaded fuel. It is a big problem but can easily be overcome by more attention to your fuel supplier and containers.

To rectify the problem drain the fuel tank and fuel lines and open the carby bowl drain. Let it dry for 1 hour. If you have access to compressed air blow the tank dry and down the fuel lines to expel any water which may be trapped.

Pour half a litre of unleaded fuel into the tank and run through to the bowl drain.

Close drain and fill with fuel.

If the problem still exists contact your nearest Honda Dealer.

Always check the oil level before use.

The correct oil level is, with the unit straight and level, the oil should just be dribbling out of the filler. Very clever Honda. This way it is impossible to overfill.

Never let the oil go black.

Always change as it starts to turn colour.

Simply tip the unit over to drain the oil from the filler and only use Honda Oil to refill.

Fit a new spark plug every service.

Clean the air filter when necessary or replace every year without fail.

For an engine to perform properly it must have….

Good clean fuel… the right type, Unleaded

Good clean oil….the right type, Honda Power Equipment 10w30 engine oil. Never use Automotive oil

And good clean air…. It must breathe easily.

Happy Powering